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The Buildroot

To fetch a complete checkout:

then edit the file so that the mirror points to: "" before doing:


Directory Structure

  • dl

This directory contains the downloaded source files for all the packages you have selected to build. If for some reason you think a download was corrupt you can delete it from here. You should not need to delete this folder, as most packages have version numbers preventing any version conflicts, also re-downloading the soruces takes a fair amount of time.

  • docs

Buildroot documentation, not often very useful.

  • package

This directory contains all the packages available in the buildroot package menu.

  • target

The target directory contains architecture specific configuration and scripts to build the filesystem image.

  • toolchain

The toolchain directory contains the instructions on how to build a cross compiling toolchain and associated build utilities.

  • build_arm_nofpu

This directory contains the decompressed and compiled source code, the staging directory and the final image creation directory tree.

  • toolchain_build_arm_nofpu

This directory contains the compiled build utilities and libraries.



Build Process

Creating a filesystem Image

Selecting additional packages

Removing packages

  • build_arm_nofpu