IAM Sensornet

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To produce sensor network testbed/infrastructure to support research in IAM. This will include both SUN Spots and Gumsense nodes - some "permanently" deployed - others used for specific projects/trials. iamsensornet description

Gumstix nodes

  • a set of 4 nodes with Linux Gumstix plus sensor set and small touchscreen LCD
  • initial set of 10 gumsense based systems with sensor set
  • "campaign" will build all available gumsense boards plus a few LCD standalone gums.
  • gumsense photos

Sensor toolkit

PIR will be on LCD-based gumstix (along with webcam eventually)

RFID - also destined for lcd gumstix



also available - CO2 and various light sensors

SUN Spots


is a development from gumsense as a standalone WSN node using msp430 and stack-structure for cards including interfaces for xbee radios and sensors. We intend to run TinyOS2 and/or Contiki on these. Once ported they could be used together with an ARM platform like the gumsense. Current build in progress is 20 pcbs.


Ideas and discussion

available software to consider/look at inter-system links - cross platform issues sensors - sensors to try