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General rule is not to reprogram the microcontroller - just use the default code on it. but if you need to program a fresh one for example:

Need a Texas Instr programmer NSP-FET432UIF (avail from Farnell)

The Sourceforge package too.

Distribution including buildroot is on git:

git clone git://tarrant/gumsense (doesn't work 27/01/2009 - Phil)

make defconfig

load the modules:

modprobe i2c-pxa
modprobe i2c-dev
modprobe gumsense

Scheduling the gumsense

Simple procedure is open the gumsense connection, set up a schedule then close the connection. The gumsense will then run that schedule to take readings, store in a buffer and power up Gumstix. To get the readings a loop through all the buffer is made, then the buffer is cleared. Job structure definition

Python on Gumstix

easily built into linux (although Rob has a shrunken version to save space)

we need to make Python wrapper for scheduler, datafetcher etc